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WordPress 2.3

September 24th, 2007 at 12:30 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

WordPressWordPress 2.3 has been released and includes some major new features!

One of the more popular new features is Tagging. WordPress now allows you to add tags to your posts. Tags are best used in conjunction with Categories, so you can describe a post, without having hundreds of Categories. Tags are also used by services like Technorati. You can learn how to add Tags to your current theme here.

Another awesome new feature is the Update System. WordPress automat(t)ically checks to see if there’s a new version of WordPress and if there’s new version of your Plugins (assuming the Plugin is hosted on’s Plugin Database) and will let you know. If there’s a new version of WordPress available, it’ll say it somewhere in your Admin panel (if the user logged in has permissions to edit options). If there’s a new version of a Plugin available, it’ll say right under the plugin on your Plugins page.

Some other smaller (but just as cool) features are:

  • The default links in the Blogroll are no longer those of the main developers Blogs, they are now useful and relevant to WordPress
  • On the dashboard, the Incoming Links are no longer from Technorati, they’re now from Google Blog Search
  • There’s been some cool changes to the Permalink system, go can see the changes in the this comment on the Trac ticket. Including enforcing either www. or no www.
  • If you change the slug of a post, the old slug will redirect to the new one
  • New “Pending Review” Post Status added. Useful for if you have multiple writers on your Blog and you want to review posts before they’re published
  • Improved Post and Draft Management (using filters)

Unfortunately, the BrowseHappy logo is still in the Admin panel. Oh, well, maybe in 2.4…

Since there’s been some file reorganizing, you should delete all WordPress files (except the folder and content of wp-content and wp-config.php) and then upload the files for WordPress 2.3. Other than that, the upgrade process is the same as always. Don’t forget to backup your Blog and it’s database before upgrading!

Download WordPress 2.3

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