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Category Revisions

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

I’ve gone through and revised the Categories for Posts. Such as renaming, moving and rethinking them. I’ve also gone through all the posts revised what Categories they were in.

WordPress 2.1.1 Released

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

WordPress 2.1.1 and WordPress 2.0.9 have been released (WordPress 2.0.9 is the for the promise of them keeping the 2.x branch of WordPress “updated” with security patches, bugs, and the like).

I’ve upgraded, have you?

Google Opens Gmail For Everyone

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

It appears now that Google has opened up the Gmail “Beta” to everyone to sign-up for. This has been reported many times before, but I myself have never seen the Sign-up Link on Gmail’s homepage. But, after logging out of Gmail earlier today, I noticed the content had been changed from the “announcement” of the Gmail App for Cell Phones to more of a “list” of cool Gmail features, and there was a sign-up link under the login box. That’s right, a sign-up link. Shocking, indeed. The sign-up link is here:

Funny enough, when logged into Gmail, there is still a little box on the left hand side for “Invites”. Maybe this will become “Tell People About Gmail”?

Now you no longer have a reason not to switch to Gmail. 😛 Gmail has lots of space (2.8GB+), a good email search, it’s integrated with Google Talk, it has a nice Cell Phone Application and you can easily switch from other popular email providers. You also get things like free POP access, more storage everyday, etc. 😀

Here’s a screenshot of the Gmail homepage, for proof of the Sign-up link:

Gmail Now Open For Public Sign-Up

Update [February 16, 2007]: I found this on Google’s Blog:

Which says that Gmail has been opened up for all users, worldwide, to register a Gmail account, without an Invite. Sweet, huh?

ATI Radeon x1300 Pro

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

That’s right, I got a new video card! I decided to go with the ATI Radeon x1300 Pro AGP card. This thing has 256MBs of DDR2 VRAM (Video Card RAM, much faster than regular RAM), Pixel Shader 3.0, TV Out, HDTV or SDTV Out, and both DVI and VGA ports. It supports DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0. This thing far exceeds Vista’s requirements, so I now get the full Aero experience. So now I get things like transparency in Vista. Also, Flip3D (which is like Alt-Tab, just in 3D). Plus, all the windows now fade-in and fade-out when windows are opened, closed, maximized and minimized, respectively. Which is cool. I also updated my post on Vista with some new/updated screenshots of Vista. Plus, I fixed it so that when you click on the thumbnails, you go to the image instead of a page, since that wasn’t working properly.

BlueFur Name Review

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007


Adding onto my previous post on BlueFur.Com, I’m going to review the name BlueFur (partly because they’re offering a free domain to the first 50 people to review the name BlueFur 😛 ).

I think that MonsterHosting.Ca changing it’s name to BlueFur.Com was a good move, although too bad it wasn’t changed for more positive reasons. Them changing their name to BlueFur does open up their “service window” to include much more then just hosting based, as they’re no longer restrained by the “hosting” part in the name.

Also, their new name is quite ingenious, it has a good tie in with their “mascot” too, since the mascot does have blue fur. 😛

I think that MonsterHosting was a good name, but I think that BlueFur is an even better name. Although, I have noticed that they’re advertising BlueFur as BlueFur.Com and not .Ca as they had with the MonsterHosting name. But, that might open their market more because people from other countries besides Canada will probably choose BlueFur as a host because it doesn’t have a .Ca domain (well, maybe, it’s hard to tell). Although, I believe you can access BlueFur through .Ca and that you could have accessed MonsterHosting through .Com.

Although, to be truthful, the name BlueFur doesn’t make it at all obvious what sort of general services they offer, at first look of the name. But, their website does make it quite obvious, so if people are curious enough to go to BlueFur without knowing what services they offer, they will quickly find out.

Since BlueFur does offer the best hosting for the best price. It really doesn’t matter what their name is, it’s still the same great service, as always. They have actual 24/7 support, their servers are fast, they don’t load their servers up with thousands of accounts like some hosting companies like to do, they’re Canadian, they have servers in Canada, and I could go on for quite awhile.But, I won’t, because you can just go check them out.

Overall, I think the new name BlueFur will open up even more business for them and that it is a sweet name that also allowed them to check their awesome mascot. The name BlueFur is unique (you would’ve gotten barely any results for BlueFur on Google a few weeks ago), cool, different, and sounds smooth.