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Comment Approval Notification

  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Requires: WordPress version 2.6 or higher
  • Tested up to: 2.7

This WordPress plugin will send an email to comment authors once their held-for-moderation comment is approved. The email sent is customizable using special shortcodes (eg. [comment_author]). The full list of available shortcodes is available below.


Download and extract the ZIP archive and upload comment-approval-notification.php to your wp-content/plugins directory. Then, login to your WordPress administration, go to Plugins, scroll down to “Comment Approval Notification” and click the Activate link beside it.


After you have installed the plugin, everytime you approve a comment, the comment author will receive an email telling them that their comment is now available on your blog. You can customize the email sent out by going to Settings > Comment Approval Notification. You may use shortcodes in the Email Subject and Email Body fields.


You may customize the email using special shortcodes which will be replaced with the corresponding data. For example, if you use the shortcode [comment_author], it will be replaced with the name of the author who’s comment has been approved. So if the author of the comment is John Doe, then [comment_author] will be replaced with John Doe in the email that is sent out.

Available Shortcodes

blog_domain The domain you blog is hosted at, without the http://www. part (eg.
comment_author The name entered by the author of the comment when they submitted it.
comment_author_email The email address of the comment author.
comment_author_url The URL the comment author entered (if any).
comment_author_IP The IP address of the comment author.
comment_date The date the comment was submitted, formatted using the setting under Settings > General.
comment_time The time the comment was submitted, formatted using the setting under Settings > General
comment_content The content of the comment.
comment_permalink A permanent link to the comment.
post_author The author of the post the comment was made on.
post_date The date the post was published.
post_time The time the post was published.
post_title The title of the post the comment was made on.
post_category The category of the post.
post_excerpt An excerpt of the post.


1.1.1 – Fix WordPress 2.6 compatibility.

1.1 – Stop using shortcode API (shortcodes are still available, don’t worry), fix PHP warning and add WordPress version 2.6 compatibility. (November 11, 2008)

1.0.1 – Remove [comment_date_gmt] and [post_date_gmt]. Use date_format option on [comment_date] and [post_date] and only show the date. Add [comment_time] and [post_time] formatted with time_format option. (November 11, 2008)

1.0 – Initial release. (November 10, 2008)