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BrowseHappy Logo is Gone in WordPress 2.3

June 21st, 2007 at 3:49 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

WordPressIf you’ve ever used WordPress with Internet Explorer, you’ve probably seen that little logo at the bottom of the page. That logo is for BrowseHappy. Another campaign trying to get you to switch browsers. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. In WordPress 2.3, that BrowseHappy logo will no longer be there. Last month I wrote about how I submitted a Ticket and Patch to stop the BrowseHappy logo from showing up in IE7. Well, last night, after a little bit of discussion on the Ticket comments, I submitted a new patch that completely removed the BrowseHappy code from WordPress. Well, today, that patch has been committed into the WordPress Subversion Trunk (which will become 2.3). Changeset 5742 fixes it.

Sweet. 😀

Update [June 21, 2007]: Changeset 5744 now reverts Changeset 5742. Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) wanted it reverted, since BrowseHappy is his site. Which is totally unfair, because these intrusive campaigns had a time, and they had a place. That time is no longer existent, and that place never should have been WordPress.

5 Responses to “BrowseHappy Logo is Gone in WordPress 2.3”

  1. Robert Synnott
    Robert Synnott says:

    Well, you see, there were, up until a few days ago, Google affiliate links on the BrowseHappy site. Nice little revenue stream, no doubt…

  2. Matt’s Blog » Blog Archive » WordPress 2.3
    Matt’s Blog » Blog Archive » WordPress 2.3 says:

    […] the BrowseHappy logo is still in the Admin panel. Oh, well, maybe in […]

  3. drmike
    drmike says:

    Matt can only see his way. When someone disagrees with him, and is vocal about it, Matt does his best to get rid of that person from the WordPress community. He’s not interested in anyone else’s opinion but his own.

  4. Matt Freedman
    Matt Freedman says:

    I’m not sure that I completely agree with you drmike, but, for this issue, it sorta seems this way. Except that I’m still part of the WordPress community. 😛

  5. I Found Osama Too
    I Found Osama Too says:

    @drmike: When you start disrespecting and mouthing off users in Support, you no longer have a place in the WordPress community. You no longer deserve to be there.

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