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Twitter Links

  • Version: 1.0
  • Requires: WordPress version 2.6 or higher
  • Tested up to: 2.7

This WordPress plugin will scan through comments before they’re displayed looking for references to Twitter usernames (eg. @mattfreedman). If it finds any, it will check with Twitter to see if the username is valid, and then it will replace the username with a link to the user’s profile page (eg. @mattfreedman).

Please note: As this plugin converts usernames on the fly (whenever and everytime somebody views the comments), and checks Twitter for every username (to ensure it’s valid), I strongly recommend using a caching plugin such as WP Super Cache. Which will not only lessen the load on Twitter’s servers, but also speed up page loads.

This plugin has only been tested with PHP 5.2.x and requires cURL to be installed on your server.


To install this plugin, simply download and extract the ZIP archive, upload twitter-links.php to your wp-content/plugins/ folder and click Activate beside Twitter Links on the Plugins page in your WordPress administration page.