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The Day I Didn’t Check My Email, Didn’t Read My Feeds and Didn’t Clear Out the SPAM Comments

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Yesterday, May 15, 2007, I somehow didn’t check my email, read the various feeds I’m subscribed to or clear out the SPAM Comments on this Blog. In fact, I barley went on the computer at all. I know, awful, right?

Well, that left me with:

  • 28 New Emails (not bad, actually, sometimes I get 40+ in a day)
  • 112 New Feeds Items
  • 57 SPAM Comments (which have slowed down quite a bit, I used to get hundreds in a day)

I don’t mind reading 28 emails (most of which are from the WP-Hackers Mailing List), but 112 items in my Feed reader is a little crazy. 😛 Only 58 more…

Should I Make a New Theme?

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

With WordPress 2.2 just around the corner, the thought of my Theme for this Blog comes into my mind.

Will it work with 2.2 (it should)?

Did I go a little crazy with Blue?

Should the content by black text on a white background?

Is the Rage Italic font for my Post titles too hard to read?

Do most people even have Rage Italic on their computers?

Should I have used a little orange?

So, since my theme is a little blueish, maybe I should make a new Theme with more white, less blue and a touch of orange. Since 2.2 is coming out this week, this would be the best time to do this.

So, I’m asking you, my readers (should that be plural? 😛 ), should I make a new Theme for this Blog, or do you like the current one. You can either post a comment on this post with the answer, or (if you don’t have anything else to say but the answer) you can Vote on the Poll I have on the sidebar (here, for those of you using a Feed Reader).

Alexa Gets New Look

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

AlexaIt appears that Alexa has a brand new layout. It’s not a completely new layout, it was just given a few tweaks and colour adjustments. Also, what looks to be a new logo.

I have to say, it’s an improvement of what it used to be, but it could be better. It still has a few bugs too.

First Contribution to WordPress

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

WordPressI have submitted a ticket and patch to WordPress Trac. This is my first contribution to WordPress (other than some of my opinions 😛 ). The patch makes it so that the BrowseHappy (which I disagree with, but that’s a different topic) image only shows on versions of IE lower than 7. It’s quite a simply fix, just adding some conditional comments around a string, but it’s still helpful anyways.

The patch probably isn’t going to make it into WordPress 2.2 (supposed to be released on May 16, 2007; it’s now in RC2), but it should get into 2.3. 😀

MyCardMaker Gets Rid of Free Cards

Friday, May 11th, 2007

MyCardMakerMyCardMaker, a printable Card generator, no longer offers Free Cards. As of Thursday, May 10, 2007, you must be a “premium member” to print your card. They used to offer a couple of free cards in each category, but now you have to become a premium member to print any of the Cards.

For a 1-day membership, it’s $3.99 USD. For a year, it’s $19.99 USD. For 2 years, it’s $29.99 USD.

I had actually received an email about this earlier in the week, but I thought it was SPAM, and I deleted it. The email didn’t look very professional at all, but apparently it was legit.

In the beginnings of the MyCardMaker service, you used to be able to upload your own image for the Card cover, or use one of the premade ones, now for free. They then made it so you had to be a premium member to use your own image, and made most of the premade Covers premium member only. Leaving only a few Covers free. MyCardMaker has never had advertisements on their Website.

I think making all the Free Cards paid is a bad idea. If anything they should’ve built up some more (not to mention better) free Cards. Then, just make even better paid Cards, so that if people want fancier Cards, they’ll pay for them.

MyCardMaker pretty much dominated the Free Printable Card Generator market. There was really no other good, professional, free printable card generators.

Maybe I should start up a Free Printable Card Generator site… 😛