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Should I Make a New Theme?

May 13th, 2007 at 4:51 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

With WordPress 2.2 just around the corner, the thought of my Theme for this Blog comes into my mind.

Will it work with 2.2 (it should)?

Did I go a little crazy with Blue?

Should the content by black text on a white background?

Is the Rage Italic font for my Post titles too hard to read?

Do most people even have Rage Italic on their computers?

Should I have used a little orange?

So, since my theme is a little blueish, maybe I should make a new Theme with more white, less blue and a touch of orange. Since 2.2 is coming out this week, this would be the best time to do this.

So, I’m asking you, my readers (should that be plural? 😛 ), should I make a new Theme for this Blog, or do you like the current one. You can either post a comment on this post with the answer, or (if you don’t have anything else to say but the answer) you can Vote on the Poll I have on the sidebar (here, for those of you using a Feed Reader).

4 Responses to “Should I Make a New Theme?”

  1. Chetan
    Chetan says:

    Hey matt, i think u should try some lighter colours…

    frankly speaking i am bored in this blog, because of this colour..

  2. Michael Kwan
    Michael Kwan says:

    I find all the blue to be a little overwhelming.

  3. Gary Jones ::
    Gary Jones :: says:

    I think you should. You should see it in IE 7 😐

  4. Matt Freedman
    Matt Freedman says:

    Hmm, I use IE7, and I’ve never seen a problem with viewing this theme. In fact, it first worked in IE7, and then later finally worked in FF… Can you send me a screen shot, Gary? Thanks.

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