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1TB Hard Drive Coming

Friday, January 5th, 2007,128400-page,1/article.html

Hitachi has announced that they’ll be putting a 1TB hard drive on the market later on this year. For those of you who don’t know what a terabyte is, it’s a 1000 GBs, 1 024 000 MBs or 1 073 741 824 000 Bytes (that’s right, I did the Math 😛 ). So now you can store all your – er – w/e you store on your computer, times about 100. 😛 It will reportedly cost $399 USD (approx. $469 CAD [says Google, at least]). It’s going to be a 5 platter drive, with 200GBs per platter. This drive will be SATA (Serial-ATA), which is quite obvious. This drive would be useful for servers (which would be awesome, having a server with 1TB in a single drive), plus, in my opinion, perfect for HD video editing and recording from your TV.

Seagate has also announced that they will be offering a 1TB drive soon.

Now, if only the 1TB drives had built in hardware encryption, but, I suppose that’ll come later.

Google Tips Gone

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

As TechCrunch reports, Google Tips have disappeared. Whether this is a permanent action, or just a temporary one, Google hasn’t said. In fact, Google hasn’t actually announced anything yet about this. Personally, I thought the Tips were fine, what’s wrong with a Company promoting their own products on their own site(s). But, I guess this means that Google is starting to listen to people, which could be good, or it could be bad and the fall of Google (okay, maybe not, but you get the point :P). What’s next? Is Google going to stop displaying Google stuff under “Sponsored Links”? 😛

Virtual PC 2004

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

This probably goes along with my previous post, but I though a new post would be better fitted for this.

So, I downloaded Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 (which is now free) and installed the IE6 image from Microsoft. It’s actually pretty cool. It works almost the same as a normal copy of XP, just that it’s in a window inside of your copy of Windows (unless you switch to Full Screen mode). It has automatic updates and everything. You can even restart it, shut it down, etc. You can even install programs on it. I think it could be pretty useful if you’re making applications and want to test them on different versions of Windows. There is a main drawback to Virtual PC, if you want to use it with Virtual copies of Windows, you need a Product Key for them. Which sucks…

Run IE7 and IE6 on the Same Computer for FREE

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

That’s right, you’ve read the title correctly. Microsoft is offering a, supposedly supported, way to run IE7 and IE6 on the same computer, all for free.

Lets start with how you can actually run IE7 and IE6 on the same computer. Sure, you could go all out and start hacking the Windows Registry and IE, but who feels like doing that? Besides, if you screw up, you could be screwed. 😛 Besides, Microsoft won’t give you support if you do this… Now, what does Microsoft recommend? Use Microsoft Virtual PC.

Now, if you know about Virtual PC, you would know that you would need to have 2 separate Windows XP licenses to be able run both IE7 and IE6. Now, nobody wants to go and spend money on another copy of XP just to have the convenience of have both IE7 and IE6 on their computer.

So, what is Microsoft doing about this? If you’re thinking nothing, you’re wrong. The IEBlog has recently announced that they are offering a free image of a valid copy of XP w/ IE6 for use with Virtual PC. But, the image will expire April 1, 2007. Also, now that Microsoft has release Virtual PC 2004 as a free download, this is FREE to do.

Download Virtual PC 2004 Download Virtual PC 2007 (about 20 MBs 30MBs)
Download the VPC Image Download Version 1.1 of the VPC Image(WARNING: about 500 MBs 400MBs 500-700 MBs)

I’ll be trying this out, when the VPC Image actually finishes downloading…

Update [January 4, 2007]: The downloads finished and I installed them. I’ve actually never used Virtual PC before, but it’s pretty cool. As its supposed to, it’s a valid copy of XP SP2 w/ IE6. Funny thing is though, the first time I opened IE6, it went to a page asking me if I wanted to download IE7. 😛 You think they would’ve made it so that a page like that wouldn’t show up, but w/e.

Update [March 23, 2007]: There’s a new version of Virtual PC and a new VPC Image. I’ve updated the links here for the new downloads. See my new post on it.

Update [August 20, 2007]: There’s a new version of the VPC Image out; for both the IE6 and IE7 versions. Check out my new post on it here

Norton Internet Security

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

So, since it was on sale, I went out and bought NIS 2007, about a week ago, and I had some problems with it. First of all, it installed flawlessly, with no error, which was good. I had to restart my computer a few times (which is annoying, but w/e) after installing updates for it, but that’s normal. Then, when I have it all good and setup the way I want it, I open up IE7 and go to a site, open a new tab, go to another site, the usual, then, when I closed a tab, I get a “Internet Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close.” window. So, I try it again, open IE7, open a tab, close the tab. I got the error again. Since this wasn’t happened before, I thought it must be NIS.

So, I go to Symantec’s site, and go to Support, Technical (or whatever the “tree” is) and there are 3 options. Live Chat, Phone Support and Email. Well, the Phone Support costs $30 USD, and the Email could take days to get a reply to, so, naturally, I chose Live Chat (which, by the way, should “Estimated Response Time” 15 Minutes. Which is fine, I was willing to wait 15 Minutes). So, I logged in to their Live Chat, and 45 mins later, a Support Technician is assigned to my case. So, I tell the guy what the problem is, and he has to escalate me to another Support Technician. So, I had to go through the usual tests, disable such-and-such parts of NIS and test it, etc… Then, since none of those things worked, I had to take NIS off my startup and restart my computer. Which I was fine with. But, I had to start live chat again and wait for another Technician and then reference the case number. Which I wasn’t so fine with, but I went along with it, just because I wanted to get this resolved.

So, I restart my computer without NIS loading, and I try IE, and the problem is still there. But, this time IE gave me some information that an add-on had caused it and the name and maker of the add-on. It was one of Symantec’s add-ons for the Phishing Filter included with NIS. So, I boot my computer back up with NIS and go back into Live Chat. This time, it took about 20 mins to get a reply. Then, another 15 mins waiting so the Technician could read over the case. Then I mentioned about the add-on error, and they said try disabling it, and try it (which I had already done, and it didn’t work, but I did find another of Symantec’s add-ons and disabled it. It fixed the problem). So, I asked if it was safe to disable this add-on, and they said yes. So, I disabled it. Then, I asked if Symantec had a bug reporter so that I could report the bug. They wouldn’t answer that question and just said “It’s a conflict between IE7 and NIS”. Which is sorta true, but the problem lies with Symantec’s add-on, so it has something to do with the programming of it. I tried to explain this to them, but they just kept saying “It’s a conflict between IE7 and NIS”. So, I’m just thinking to myself, screw it, I’m ending this Live Chat.

So, I have the add-on disabled. The add-on is called “Norton Confidential Browser Helper Object”. Which, powers the “Show Norton Toolbar” (which is a toolbar that shows if the page has been identified as fraudulent or not). So, you can go ahead and disable that to.

Yep, I was on live chat with Symantec for over 3 hours and I never really got the problem fixed, more of just a cover up of the problem. But, w/e.

Update [January 4, 2007]: A Crimeware Update came through LiveUpdate, so I decided to see if the add-ons were still screwed up, they are. 😛 Now NIS is telling me that my Protection Updates are out of date, when, in fact, they shouldn’t be. Since I did update them (plus they update automatically), plus when I run LiveUpdate, it says that all my Norton Components are up to date. So, I don’t know what’s going on with it. I suppose I’ll have to get in contact with Symantec, again…

Update [January 31, 2007]: If you’re planning on upgrading to Vista, go here and download the trial version of NIS 2007 and install it onto Vista. Then, activate it with your product key for NIS 2007. The trial (which becomes the full version once you activate it) has a new look to it (in Vista, at least), has a new feature called SONAR and works completely with Vista and the problem it the IE7 add-ons no longer exists.

Update [February 17, 2007]: It appears that the Trial Version of Norton Internet Security 2007 fixes the problem with the add-ons for IE7, even under XP (thanks, Scott McChesney, for confirming this). So, try downloading that trial, uninstalling NIS 2007, installing the download, and activating it with your NIS 2007 key. That should fix the problem with the NIS 2007 IE7 add-ons.

Update [March 29, 2007]: Symantec has shipped out a new version of NIS 2007 to stores, so the problems are fixed on it and it has a new look to it. LiveUpdate should probably download this new version for you, I’m not sure, though.