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Differences Between the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, 226CW and 226NW

March 9th, 2008 at 12:07 PM (16 years ago) by Matt Freedman

Samsung SyncMaster 226

Samsung makes some great computer monitors, but their 226-model line is just confusing. There’s currently a 226BW, 226CW and a 226NW for sale. These monitor’s are all 22 inches, have the exact same body and have the exact same dimensions. So, what’s the difference between these different models? Well, I’ve dug into the technical specifications to find out.

The Commons

Most of the features in these models are the same. Here’s a run down of the common features between these monitors:

  • 22 inches
  • Maximum resolution is 1680 x 1050 pixels
  • Brightness is 300cd/m2
  • Dynamic Contrast Ration is 3000:1
  • 2 millisecond response time
  • Viewing angle is 160 degrees/160 degrees
  • 16.7 million colours supported
  • Plug and play supported
  • No speakers or USB hub
  • Wall mountable using the VESA 100mm standard
  • High gloss black finish with silver bezel
  • Same dimensions

The Differences

The only real differences between these models is in the technical details. Here’s the run down of the differences between the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, 226CW and 226NW:

  • The 226CW has a Static Contrast Ratio of 1000:1, while the 226BW and 226NW are 700:1
  • The 226NW only supports a D-sub connection (also known as analog or VGA), while the 226BW and 226CW both support D-sub and DVI in
  • The 226NW does not support HDCP (since it doesn’t support DVI in), while the 226BW and 226CW do
  • The 226CW has a maximum power consumption rating of 50 watts, while the 226BW and the 226NW have a maximum of 55 watts
  • The 226CW has a wider colour gamut (I believe Samsung has labelled this as “MagicSpectrum”) than the 226BW and the 226NW


Basically, the main differences are that the 226CW has a higher Static Contrast Ration, the 226NW does not support a DVI connection (and because it that, it doesn’t support HDCP either) and the 226CW has a wider colour gamut. The difference in power consumption isn’t much at all, so it probably shouldn’t be affecting your buying decision.

If you want to compare these monitors yourself, take a look at the 226BW technical specifications, 226CW technical specifications and 226NW techical specifications.

Which one should you purchase? Well, it really depends on what you want to use it for. For normal office work, the 226NW would work well, since it has just D-sub and is cheaper because of it. If you’re using it for graphics-related stuff (gaming, photo/video editing), I’d go with the 226BW or 226CW. Between those two, it’s hard to say… I’m not sure if the whole controversy with the 226BW is still going on, nor if all 226CW’s have Samsung panels in them. However, I would go with the 226CW, just because it has a few small advantages over the 226BW. I own a 226BW, and it’s great, so I imagine the 226CW might be a bit better, but both are great choices.

2 Responses to “Differences Between the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, 226CW and 226NW”

  1. Mike Gervais
    Mike Gervais says:

    Actually the NW model does have DVI input.

  2. Matt Freedman
    Matt Freedman says:

    Actually the NW model does have DVI input.

    Do you have one? The Samsung site never had DVI listed on it for the 226NW. It seems like all 3 of these have been discontinued as they only have a 226UX on their site now.

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