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Book Three of Inheritance Cycle Title Announced

January 19th, 2008 at 5:25 PM (16 years ago) by Matt Freedman

Brisingr CoverBack in October, I told you about how there would be a fourth book in the Inheritance Trilogy, making it the Inheritance Cycle.

Book One and Two were called Eragon and Eldest respectively. Before it was announced that there would be a fourth book, people speculated that Book Three would be called Empire, to follow the pattern of a six letter word, starting with an “E”. Well, three days ago, Christopher Paolini announced that Book Three would be called… Brisingr!

From the announcement:

I am pleased to tell you that the title of Book Three in the Inheritance cycle is Brisingr. Sometimes one’s first thought is best, and so it was with naming this book. After many months of trying to sum up a complex story in a single word, it struck me that I had had the name all along. For reasons that will become clear when you read Brisingr, this title is perfect.

Brisingr is an Old Norse word meaning “fire”, that is used throughout the Inheritance Cycle as part of the Ancient Language. Christopher Paolini explains:

Brisingr is an Old Norse word for “fire.” As you may remember, in Eragon, Brom uses the word brisingr to start a fire. This is the first time Eragon hears an ancient language word, a word of magic. Later, when Eragon is cornered by Urgals in Yazuac, he shouts “Brisingr!” to great effect (see Eragon—chapters “Revelation at Yazuac” and “Admonishments”).

Brisingr is still scheduled for release on September 20, 2008, and it can already be pre-ordered from the Random House store and Amazon.

The cover (top-left) is pretty sweet looking. That’s a nice looking gold dragon. You can see a larger version of the cover here.

You can visit the Inheritance Cycle website at

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