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New Gmail Feature, Colourised Labels

December 3rd, 2007 at 11:11 PM (16 years ago) by Matt Freedman

GmailIt looks like Gmail has another new feature. I just logged into my Gmail account (after having to force-close my browser, after it stopped responding), and I noticed something different about the Labels panel in the sidebar. On the right side of the panel, were these little rounded-corner squares on each line of a Label.

Label Panel

Upon hovering over the little square, it changes to a green, downward-facing arrow.

Square Hover

When you click on the little square, a little box appears beside the square you click on, showing 24 little boxes that contains a different colour and a letter “a” with a similar colour. Under those little squares, is 2 links, “Remove color” and “Edit name”.

Colour Picker

So, what does all this mean? Well, you can know colourise your labels! Once you choose a colour, the little square beside the label name becomes that colour, and when viewing a email that’s labeled, the label name beside the subject will have the background colour of that label’s colour. Also, when in your Inbox, the label name in front of the subject will also be colourised.

Colourised Label

Colourised Label Beside Email Subject

Inbox Colourised Label

On the Labels page under Settings, the labels are not represented by their colour.

Gmail has called this new feature “colored labels”, and has added it to the what’s new page.

I think Colourised (or Coloured, w/e) Labels is an excellent idea. It’ll help you determine what Label an email is under quicker, because you can just memorise the association of labels and their colour, instead of actually reading the label name. Seems like a pretty sweet feature to me!

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