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Random Blurbs: Nov. 7

November 7th, 2007 at 11:26 PM (16 years ago) by Matt Freedman

CrunchGear is running a contest right now to win an unlocked Nokia N95. So go vote for my contest entry (and post a comment on it), please! 😀

Also, my Gmail account now has the updated version of Gmail enabled on it. It’s not really different, there’s a few cosmetic adjustments, and permalinks, but that’s all right now. But, I’m sure we’ll see new Gmail features soon (that was the whole point of the update, to change the code for it to make it ready for new stuff that will come soon).

Update [November 8, 2007 @ 10:55 PM]: Oh, I forgot to mention that the Contacts section in Gmail had a overhaul. There’s a lot nicer looking and easier to navigate through.

The Gmail space counter was slowed back down it appears, so my estimate of having 5 GBs of space by October 28, was smashed… Still getting closer though (as of writing, it’s at 4750 MBs).

I’ve removed some of the stuff that wasn’t particularly useful from the sidebar, and I changed the number of posts that’s displayed on the front page from 10 to 5. This is so that the site loads faster. The new theme will be even faster.

Here’s a new Poll. If you’re reading this in a Feed Reader, vote on the poll by clicking here.

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  • > 50 mbps (0%)

Total Votes: 3

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10 Responses to “Random Blurbs: Nov. 7”

  1. Michael Beck
    Michael Beck says:

    What percentage of your Gmail storage have you used so far? As of this comment I’m flirting with 20%.

  2. Matt Freedman
    Matt Freedman says:

    I’m using about 5% of my Gmail storage right now.

  3. Mark Dunn
    Mark Dunn says:

    People who use Gmail are only doing it because of the fact that it’s Google, with Email. It’s 100% novelty.

  4. Michael Beck
    Michael Beck says:

    Mr. Dunn,

    I have to disagree with you there. While there may be some who signed up for Gmail for the sheer novelty of it, I believe most were drawn in by the storage capacity and the unique ability to tag your e-mail instead of having to categorize it by folder, and for how fast you received your search results.

    I signed up for Gmail back in 2004 for the reasons I stated above, and I haven’t looked back. And now with the added IMAP support, I believe Gmail really has a leg up on many of the other free e-mail providers out there.

  5. Mark Dunn
    Mark Dunn says:

    Mr. Beck,
    I agree, not all people did it for the novelty. It’s just the fact that, in my opinion, what Google is trying to do is centralize all this internet related stuff. And, personally, I don’t believe that centralization is any sort of good thing. The fact that most people just did it for the novelty of it is just an annoyance of mine, and of course it has some obvious advantages.

  6. Matt Freedman
    Matt Freedman says:

    Gmail is one of the most fully-featured, useful email service providers out there. Gmail has way more features than other email providers, such as Hotmail. For example, POP and IMAP access, POP retrieval and forwarding (to any email account, not just accounts by the same provider).

    In my opinion, Gmail also has the cleanest and simplistic (while still being feature-full) web interfaces.

    Sure Hotmail has 300 MBs more storage, but Gmail’s storage is always on the rise. Plus, Gmail has less ads, and they’re just text ads, so they’re not obstructive either.

    Another thing that’s good about Gmail is they don’t add those little “ads” to the bottom of every email you send out. Those things are annoying.

    Mark, that makes you a hypocrite, then. Microsoft has a huge monopoly, and guess what, you’re using a lot of Microsoft software. Windows, Windows Live (MSN) Messenger, Windows Live Passport, Internet Explorer and the list probably goes on.

  7. Ghaith
    Ghaith says:


    Just to say i voted for using Emails address on my domains ( 25 emails ) and some gmail’s account, i’m using gmail for :
    1 – rapidity : service very rapid, instant email’s actualisation
    2 – Light : the gmail’s interface is so light not like Yahoo or hotmail
    3 – e must to have a gmail’s account to use some google’s stuffs 😛

    That’s all

  8. Mark Dunn
    Mark Dunn says:

    Ah, Matt, I always hate it when people point that out. Well, I could start defending the microsoft products that I use, but then I would be doing the exact same thing you guys are doing for Gmail. I’m going to accept defeat right here, and I’ll remember that I wont be able to beat you on the computer related arguments again.

  9. Matt Freedman
    Matt Freedman says:

    Mark, I never said Microsoft products were bad. Just pointing out that Microsoft has a pretty big monopoly, and that you don’t like Gmail because Google’s building up a pretty big monopoly.

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