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The Format War – Who I Think Will Win

September 25th, 2007 at 7:59 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

Blu-ray / HD DVDUnless you’ve been living under a rock (or away from electronics, which might as well be under a rock), you’ve probably heard of the great “Format War” going on right now. In one corner, there’s Blu-ray, and in the other, HD DVD.

Both formats are great, and share quite a lot of features, but I think that one will prevail over the other. It is possible that both formats could prevail, but it would be highly inconvenient for consumers.

I think that Blu-ray will win. Why? I have a couple of reasons.

First of all, Blu-ray Discs are capable of storing more data (per layer) than HD DVD Discs. This is a major plus for storing extra long movies, TV series’ seasons, extra content, etc.

Major studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM, Disney, 20th Century Fox and Loinsgate exclusively back Blu-ray. Most Blockbuster (one of the largest video/game rental chains in the world) stores also exclusively rent Blu-ray.

I’ve always liked Blu-ray more than HD DVD. I don’t know why (as I’ve never used any of them), but I just think Blu-ray is better.

The best thing would be for the companies behind HD DVD and the companies behind Blu-ray to combine their efforts and just make one High Definition disc format. But, I doubt that’ll be happening…

Who do you think will win, Blu-ray or HD DVD?

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