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Google Phone: My Predictions

August 28th, 2007 at 9:32 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

There’s been a lot of rumors going around the Internet about Google releasing a cell phone. Some say in about 2 weeks, and some say Q1 of 2008. Here’s my predictions for the Google Phone:

  • It’ll be released in the first half of 2008
  • It will have a multi-touch widescreen display and will have 4 physical buttons. 3 of which will be customisable “shortcut” buttons (eg. Gmail, Docs and Spreadsheet) and one will be a home key
  • It’ll have a Virtual Keyboard, like the iPhone
  • A major part of it’s OS will be the built-in stuff. Such as Gmail, Reader, gTalk, Docs and Spreadsheets and the other popular Google services
  • You will be able to store stuff in your Google/Gmail account. If you get the phone, your storage will be boosted to 5GB
  • It will be available in multiple countries at the same time
  • It will have a full HTML/Javascript browser.
  • Google will have an API in the OS so that 3rd-party apps will be able to be developed for it
  • It will come with unlimited data and texting (hopefully 😛 )
  • You’ll be able to watch YouTube videos on it
  • It’ll be 3G
  • It’ll have Wi-Fi (a/b/g)
  • You’ll be able to use gTalk to make free VOIP calls through a Wi-Fi connection
  • You Contacts will automatically sync with your Gmail contacts (and vice-versa)
  • It will have a couple GBs of memory
  • It will also be a Music and Video phone
  • You’ll be able to store Music and Video in your Google/Gmail account and stream it down to your phone
  • Built-in GPS with Google Maps
  • Be able to choose to browse through Google’s servers, which will compress/optimise the sites you browse to on Google’s servers, then send it to you (for faster browsing)
  • You’ll be able to store a copy (in MP3 format) of your phone calls in your Google/Gmail account

Pretty specific, but I’m curious on how many will be correct, if any…

I think the idea of a Google Phone is great, if done properly. I also doubt we’ll hear anything official about it until close to the launch (that is assuming that there will be a Google Phone). Why, because when was the last time Google announced any new products in advance?

What do you think the Google Phone will be like?

3 Responses to “Google Phone: My Predictions”

  1. Fred
    Fred says:

    I think the gPhone won’t compete with the iPhone. I’m sure it will be cool, but I have the feeling Google is thinking about giving them out for free to satisfy it’s advertising market.

    Here is a great site which aggregates all iPhone news (rumours at this point) into one place:

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    What’s Up… Thursdays? || Beyond the Rhetoric || says:

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  3. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Still, I believe some people may not like it.

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