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Mr. Gary Lee’s Giving Away an iPhone

July 9th, 2007 at 1:07 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

iPhoneMr. Gary Lee, who does something like internet marketing, is giving away a free 8GB iPhone!

He also has a golf equipment site and a free online coupon site.

You get 1 entry if you have a PageRank of 1-3, and 2 entries if you have a PageRank of 4 or more. Better yet (possibly worse yet, for some people), he’s going to take your PageRank after the update that should be coming sometime this month. I sure hope my PageRank won’t go down, I’m right at 2 entries right now. 😉

Of course, I live in Canada, so the iPhone isn’t going to do me much good, right? Wrong! Since the iPhone is coming to Canada through Rogers, I think I’d be able to use it at Rogers. Since Rogers and AT&T run the same technology and are almost the same company. In fact, if you go on a Blackberry here, and go to Options > Advanced > Host Routing Table it’ll say “Rogers/AT&T”. So, there’s a good chance that it would work on Rogers (that is the Network you would roam on, if you’re from the US and you’re using your AT&T phone here). And if not, the bragging rights of owning an iPhone are still valid. 😛

Anyways, this is my entry, and, well, ya…

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