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iTunes 7.3, Can’t Save Library (Unknown Error -50)

July 7th, 2007 at 1:14 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

After upgrading to iTunes 7.3 a few days after it came out, everytime I would open it up, I would get an error similar to this:

Can’t Save Library (Unknown Error -50)

Which means, that iTunes wasn’t able to save my Music Library to the database files. Which wouldn’t really matter to me, since I only use iTunes to sync my iPod. But, since I download podcasts (NAPPTV 😀 ) whenever the podcast would be updated and I would download it, it wouldn’t be saved to the Library. Meaning, that everytime I start up iTunes, it wouldn’t be there anymore. What a waste of bandwidth…

So, I submitted a bug report to Apple, hoping that many other people would have also reported this, and a quick iTunes 7.3.1 would be issued. Still waiting… 😛

So, I decided to make a quick search, to see how many other people were having this problem, and I came up with this Thread at the Apple Forums. So, it seems like everyone using iTunes 7.3 is having the same problem.

But, among those hundreds of replies, I found a little link. A link that would solve the problem. Apple’s article on How to Re-Create Your iTunes Library.

Really, it’s more of a “hack solution” than anything. But, it works! I no longer get that error, and everything seems to be working fine. You might want to note, that you may lose some stuff while re-creating your iTunes Library. Stuff like Ratings, Play Counts, when it was Last Played, and when it was added. But, that stuff really isn’t important.

So, that’s the simple, but effective, fix.

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