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BlueFur Code

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

BlueFur CodeBlueFur Code has now been officially launched!

BlueFur Code is a Group Programming Project that will develop different kinds of PHP-based software. All programmed by whoever wants to help out. I submitted a great way on how to carry this out. By using Subversion (SVN) and Trac we will be able to actually work as a Group and be able to efficiently and easily manage everything.

The first project that we will be working on is a site scraping RSS Feed producer. Basically, it’ll crawl your site and get the content out of it, and shove the updates into an RSS Feed (I’m sure we’ll add more Feed Publishing Standards, such as Atom). Which visitors of said site can subscribe to, and then get the updates to it in a simple Feed. So, basically, you’ll be able to offer a “Site Updates Feed”.

All the software we make will be Free and Open Source (I’m guessing it’ll be under the GNU General Public License).

I think BlueFur Code is a great concept and hopefully it’ll take off well. I can’t wait to see some progress with the Projects. ๐Ÿ˜€

The current plan is to allow users to be able to Register on the Trac Project for the project we’re working on, and then they’ll be able to submit tickets, etc without having someone create an account for them, or having anonymous Ticket creation. A test will also be given to determine the contributors PHP/MySQL skill-set level, and Subversion Repository access will be given from there.

If you’d like to help contribute, head over to this BlueFur Code Blog post, and post a comment.

I plan on helping out a lot with the BlueFur Code projects; I’m sure it’ll be fun.

I helped get Trac and Subversion configured and working on BlueFur Code. So, I’ve already started contributing, even before we’ve started working on the Projects. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ll be writing up a post later on how to configure Trac and Subversion.

John Chow and BlueFur are Giving Away an LG 24″ WideScreen Monitor

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

John Chow has partnered up with BlueFur to bring you a contest to win an LG L245WP 24″ WideScreen LCD Monitor.

John Chow helps people make money online and BlueFur is a company hosting Canada and the rest of theย Earth.

The contest ends on July 31, 2007, and the winner will be drawn on August 1, 2007.

The monitor is Certified for Windows Vista, has an 8ms (millisecond) response time, a resolution of 1920 x 1200, is Black and supports HDMI.

This is my second entry (today!) to win an LCD Monitor. My first one being here. Can you tell that I want a new Monitor? ๐Ÿ˜›

BlueFur’s Giving Away A 22″ WideScreen LCD Monitor

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

BlueFur is going to give away a 22″ WideScreen LCD Monitor to somebody votes for them at the Blogger Choice Awards. All you have to do, if go to the Blogger Choice Awards, register and Vote for them here. Then, go to the post on their Blog here and post a comment with the username you Voted with.

They’re doing this so that they’ll receive a high ranking in the best blogging host category. Nope, not bribery, at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

They’ll even give you two extra entries if you Blog about the “Contest”.

They will do the draw for the Monitor on November 10, 2007, when the voting ends.

So, go and Vote, and Blog about the Contest, and you might just win a 22″ WideScreen LCD Monitor!

Safari for Windows

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Apple has released a Public Beta of Safari… for Windows! That’s right, Safari, made by Apple and the default Browser for MacOS, is now available for Windows.

This comes as quite a shock to me, especially since Safari is well known for it’s horrible JavaScript support. I mean, what are they trying to do, make Windows look bad by releasing a crappy browser for it?

Even Microsoft clued in and stopped sticking their Browser where it didn’t belong, and just sticking it where it does belong, in Windows. Now, Apple has decided to stick their Browser where it doesn’t belong, in Windows, and not just keeping it where in belongs, on a Mac.

Guess what, Apple, we Windows users don’t want your crappy Browsers.

Although, it it does have the same rendering engine as Safari for Mac, then it would be useful for testing your site out if you don’t own a Mac to test it on…

I suppose this might be useful for someone who uses a Mac, and when they come to Windows, at least they’ll see a familiar program…

You can download Safari for Mac or Windows here.

Apple also claims that Safari is the “world’s best browser”. Which is a bullshit claim, since Browser choice is based mostly on Personal Preference.

I actually saw this here, on the Symantec Security Response Blog.

Okay, I probably should’ve tried it before saying all these negative things about it, but, whatever. It’s downloading now. I’ll post screenshots later.

Update [June 11, 2007 @ 8:55 PM]: Okay, I’ve installed Safari, and, well, it’s not as fast as they say it is. I think IE7’s faster than it. Here’s a screenshot (click the image to make it bigger):

Safari for Windows Running on Windows XP

What do you think about Safari for Windows? Leave a comment, post in the new Poll, it’s on the Sidebar, or both.

Artificial Hype

Friday, June 8th, 2007

You see it all the time, and almost everywhere. It’s on TV, the Internet and even in stores. Hype. Something that seems almost critical to whether a product launch date is a success or a flop. But, most Hype is Artificial. It’s simply created by companies who want to make their product seem really good. It’s often done when the product is announced, on the Product’s site and when the product is marketed. In today’s world, where news travels fast, this Hype is magnified many times by the news of the products gets posted about, all over the Internet. Of course, Hype isn’t a bad thing, but it needs to be real Hype, not just over-exaggerated “cool” features.

Let’s take the iPhone for example. It’s has huge amounts of Hype. Most of it being Artificial Hype. Yes, the iPhone looks cool, but if you really think about all it is, you’ll get it. It is simply a SmartPhone with a touch-sensitive screen, a few GigaBytes of Memory, a Music/Video player, a modern-looking GUI (Graphical User Interface) and a sleek looking shell. It’s not like any of this is new technology. The Palm Treo has always had a touch-screen, you can buy memory cards with like 8GBs of memory on them, most new phones have a Music player built in (Video’s a little less common, because of battery life), a GUI is a GUI, it can be made however cool, or however lame the company wants it to be and the Shell is also a Shell, it can (and has been this way for a long time) be made however the company wants. So, really, the only Hype should be about a Phone coming with a couple Gigs of Memory and a Video player. Why should there be Hype about the GUI? It’s not like it’s something new. Anyone could’ve made a GUI that looks and works like that, Apple just did it first.

Okay, so I didn’t mean to pick on Apple, or the iPhone. It just happened to be a really good example on Artificial Hype.

Yes, Hype is already defined as excessive publicity, but, Artificial Hype is extremely excessive publicity, which isn’t always truthful.

So, the next time you’re thinking about a buying something that sounds really cool, really think about it, and see if all the Hype about it is actually real, or if it’s Artificial.