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Ms. Danielle’s Giving Away a Microsoft Zune

June 8th, 2007 at 5:57 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

Ms. Danielle is giving away a 30 GigaByte Microsoft Zune! Her very pink blog site is fairly new (newer than my Blog) and she talks about a variety of topics.

If you remember (or, if you read this Blog back then 😛 ), I entered a similar contest over at John Chow’s Blog. Well, it’s the same Zune! Ms. Danielle won John’s contest and decided it to “contest-it-off” on her Blog. In fact, John himself won the Zune. Quite a cycle that’s going on with this Zune!

The Zune in question is brown and is the 30GB model. If you’ve never heard of the Zune (have you been living under that rock again? 😛 ), it’s a Music/Video player that has WI-Fi built-in which allows you to share songs with friends that also have a Zune (only for 3 days or 3 listens, whichever comes first). It’s a competitor to the iPod. It retails for about $250 USD.

It’d be pretty sweet to win, since you can’t buy Zune’s in Canada, yet…

Okay, I promise, the next post I Publish on this Blog will not be a Contest Entry. 😛

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  1. ms danielle
    ms danielle says:

    good luck matt! i hear that these things are hard to get in canada. i’d think it would be great if someone from vancouver got it since that’s where it came from last! :)

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