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1234Pens and FutureShop

May 22nd, 2007 at 10:39 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

You’re probably wondering about the title, what do 1234Pens and FutureShop have in common? One does promotional pens, one sells electronics. No connection, right? Wrong.

You ever notice how some websites look like one another? Well, I went to 1234Pens’ site today (for no particular reason, I was just bored), and I noticed that I had seen that layout before. It’s the exact same as FutureShop’s. There’s a few size differences between the layouts, but otherwise they’re the same.

The code isn’t the same though. So, what reasons are there? Same designer? Not likely. 1234Pens ripped of FutureShop’s design? Well, that’s certainly the most likely reason. It’s okay to take an idea or two from a site, but not the whole design, and not the colours and what makes the design the design, or what makes the site the site. Can’t people come up with their own designs anymore?


2 Responses to “1234Pens and FutureShop”

  1. Gary Jones ::
    Gary Jones :: says:

    I’ll let someone know about this and get something done.

    It’s bad business to rip others sites.

  2. Matt Freedman
    Matt Freedman says:

    Good to hear, Gary, thanks. :)

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