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Automattic/WordPress.Com Stats

May 7th, 2007 at 10:17 PM (17 years ago) by Matt Freedman

A plugin, for WordPress, has been released to harness the power of Automattic‘s Statistics’ “Engine” for non-WordPress.Com hosted Blogs. It’s called Automattic Stats.

This plugin is super simple to use, just upload it to /wp-content/plugins/, activate it and enter your WordPress.Com API Key.

Yes, you do need a WordPress.Com account, since you need an API key, but it’s still good.

It will then add a Menu under “Dashboard” and clicking it will send you to your WordPress.Com Dashboard, where you will be presented with your Blog’s Stats.

I’ve actually always been a fan of how Automattic displays their Statistics, and now I can see my own Blog’s Stats in the super-simple-to-read format. This will complement other Stats programs I use. Especially since these Stats are displayed as line graphs, much simpler to quickly read than Google Analytics. Google Analytics Stats are good too, and much more detailed, but Automattic Stats are more meant for a quick and easy way to see how your Blogs doing, I think. 😛 I still like Google Analytics, but you need a little bit more time to go through it. This plugin will be useful for when I want the quick-n-dirty stats.

At least now I’ll have a couple of different ways/places to see my Blog’s stats. I’ll also be able to compare the results between them, to reach a more accurate idea of Traffic and such.

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