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Web Hosting Unleashed

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Web Hosting UnleashedA couple of days ago, I found the Web Hosting Review site Web Hosting Unleashed. It’s a pretty good Host Review site. Naturally, I submitted a review on BlueFur.

I’ve been told that they’re almost finished a Host comparison tool, so that’ll be cool.

Overall, it’s a great Review Site. It’s also got a nice layout. So, if you’re researching Hosts, check them out. 😀

Warned By Facebook

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Yesterday, I received an email from Facebook, basically saying that I group I made was deleted because of a Violation of their Terms and that it was a Warning. The group in question was called “PersonsName Has a Funny Accent”. Which I made as a joke and no harm was meant out of it. The email was quite vague on why the group was being deleted and why I was being warned.


The group “PersonsName Has A Funny Accent” has been removed due to a violation of our Terms of Use, and this email serves as a warning.  Additional violations will result in the termination of your account.  Please read our Terms carefully and refrain from posting abusive material in the future.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact from your login email address.

Obviously an auto-generated email… You see I thought that they had deleted the group because it was “abusive”. But, I sent an email to their appeals email address and I received back an email today saying saying the following:

Hi Matt,

We do not allow users to post groups to advertise or
promote any product or opportunity.  This is a serious
violation of our Terms of Use.  Please refrain from posting
any such groups in the future and remove all outstanding
groups to avoid receiving further warnings.  To learn more
about our Terms of Use, please click on the “terms” link
found at the bottom of any Facebook page.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

Customer Support Representative

That’s right, I got warned for something I didn’t do. My guess is that someone reported that group and chose “Advertising” for the reason. Which means that Facebook doesn’t actually look into the Report’s Allegations and just hits the Delete button. 😛

At this rate, I’ll be banned from Facebook. 😛 Especially if they see the other Group I created. Which I know was reported (I think he chose the reason “Pornographic”, which it wasn’t, it was another “joke group”), and I think the same guy had reported the group I got warned for. But, I changed the name on this particular group, so hopefully they won’t Warn or Ban me. 😛

eMoms at Home

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

eMoms at Home is an interesting Blog I came across about a month ago. It’s basically meant to help you succeed in home businesses and blogging. Oh, and there’s a Birthday Contest going on there right now. 😛

Mitchell Harper Shuts Down His Blog and is Selling HarpzOn.Com

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

HarpzOn.Com was one of the blogs I regularly read, because it offered great information, mostly. Now, Mitchell Harper posted that he no longer has time to have a Blog, and is selling the domain HarpzOn.Com. He started blogging in late February (of 2007). I guess this goes to show you how fast Sites can fall apart, and especially how Blogs can quickly go down hill. The starting bid for the HarpzOn.Com domain is $5000 USD, which I think is pretty expensive, even though the domain is ranked fairly well (apparently 734 links from 214 blogs, says Technorati, and an Alexa Rank of 65 392). Just thought I’d post about this… I’m bored anyways. 😉

Looks like I’ll need to find another Blog to put into my Feed Reader. 😛

Google Launches Web History; Huge Privacy Concerns

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Google announced today that they have launched Google Web History.

How it works is that it’s attached to your Google Account, and when you sign-up to the Web History service, and have the Google Toolbar, with PageRank enabled, installed in your browser, all the pages you visit will be recorded into your Google Account, for you to be able to easy search it later. You can imagine that people might think that Google will be going through the websites you visit. I don’t think they will, I trust Google, to a point. So, as you can see, this new service has some serious Privacy Concerns, no matter what their Privacy Policy says.

Their idea behind it was so that you’ll be able to search through all the pages you’ve visited, since most people visit hundreds of sites per day, you’re likely to forget some of them, so this way it’ll help you remember that good site that you didn’t Favourite/Bookmark/Write down (too old school 😛 ).

Will you be signing up for this service?